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Say you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Ache here, pressure there, friends asking “Are you ok? You look like–… you look tired”. What’s the first thing you’ll do? Go to the doctor?

Of course not.

You Google your symptoms, so you can judge if (1) you can cure this beast on your own, or (2) if it’s worth going through the trouble of seeing your doctor. And if you end up going, you’ll proudly share your diagnosis with her before she can even examine you, just to make sure she doesn’t waste her time/screw up (after all, she can’t use Google right in front of you, can she?)

A mutation in authority is taking place. In health, in education, in culture: we now want to play an active role in the way we care for ourselves, in the way we interact with our culture and in the way we learn.

The model of one-teaches-all is rapidly being transformed into a model of all-teach-one, with the incredible individualization of learning it allows. Why limit our learning to a few teachers when we can decide what we want to learn and let the whole world be our guide?

Why limit our learning to a few teachers when we can decide what we want to learn and let the whole world be our guide?

We go in and out of each other’s lives without always realizing how a few of our words might have shaped someone’s path. If you stop for a moment, you can probably remember a time when someone shifted your perspective, or even transformed your life in a big way. And you are probably not aware of it, but someone somewhere still talks about that conversation he had with you, that changed his life.

Well, good news: that’s exactly what’s about to happen. You’re about to go on braindates, one-on-one and small group knowledge-sharing conversations, on very specific topics you both choose in advance.

The first assumption people have when it comes to braindates is that the biggest hurdle comes from finding people willing to share their knowledge. But that’s the easy part. Humans are actually quite generous and want to contribute by nature.

The challenge is making people believe that they have something worth sharing, that their experience and knowledge is valuable. “But I’m not an expert!” No need, we’ll tell them.

Haven’t you ever failed? Succeeded? Been stuck? …Unstuck?

Then you’ve learned–and someone needs your guidance right now. Just think about what your best friend, partner or fondest client would say if you called them and asked: “What am I awesome at?”

Actually, why don’t you just do that right now?
Then, log in and create your braindate profile.

The world needs you.

e180, the creators of Braindate

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