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Datavore is an event tailored to those who have a passion for data and who always seek to learn more. A staple in Québec’s data analytics sphere, Datavore is home to learnings of all kinds. Discussions on practices, sharing of experiences, meaningful interactions and fresh perspectives: come be a part of this major gathering. Bring your ideas and your wisdom, come with your thirst for knowledge and for collaboration, and head back towards a host of new possibilities.

With this year’s 100% online event, the possibilities are endless. Some conferences will be recorded entirely in English while others will be translated and will remain available to watch online after the event to allow a wider audience. Our online platform is also available in English to facilitate your browsing.


« I want more » is the preferred expression of all participants who wish to broaden their knowledge. It is a phrase spoken by those who wish to explore more concrete aspects of the activities in which they took part during Datavore and the topics discussed during the conferences.

Datavore offers exclusive areas and privileged conversations with the speakers of each panel and every conference. These opportunities for proximity and direct contact with the speakers are intended to satisfy the appetite of those that are most eager to learn.

Networking Zone → #Iwantmore privileged meetings

Expert discussion sessions, in interaction with participants, on specific issues or issues related to analytics. A wonderful way to network on specific topics.

Inspirational conference Zone → #Iwantmore emotions

Inspiring thematic conferences, presented by an industry leader who comes to present his or her background, ideas or point of view on a topic related to analytics or data.

Client case Zone → #Iwantmore in the networking zone

You want to learn more about the achievements shared by your peers over the course of the day? Enrich your expertise at the exhibit tour which will present demonstrations of products and processes as well as other fascinating topics. You may build upon previous discussions and ask any question that comes to mind. In the same space, meet our expert partners to discover new technological prospects.

Workshop Zone → #Iwantmore learning

Demonstrations in interaction with participants on a topic or tool to be discovered.

AI in action → #Iwantmore experiences

Presentation of the application of artificial intelligence applied on a concrete case.


Expert zone

Refuel through conversations with your peers!

Interactive conversations leading to lively exchanges about hot topics between expert panelists and participants. 

Business intelligence at the heart of the customer experience – March 16 at 12:45 (French panel)

2020 marked the year when the online experience took a giant step: in a world with limited physical contacts, online shopping took up a lot of space. In a fast-paced market, what are companies doing to stand out? What roles do analytics professionals play in the customer experience? What innovations have left their mark and propelled business models further?

Hosted by Christian Marcotte from Videns Analytics.

Our panelists: Catherine Du Pont from Amazon, Christian Watier from Lanla, Lyne Martinoli from Metro and Vincent Thériault from IBM iX Québec

Change the dashboard! – March 17 at 12:45 (French panel)

« From “scale score cards” to self-serve dashboards, the universe of decision-making tools and dashboards has evolved over the past few years. What are the recent developments? How do decision-makers base their decisions on recent PR developments? What tools should you have on your radar – and which ones should you throw away?

Hosted by Alain Bond of BDC

Our panelists: Chrystel Black from CDPQ, Éliane Leclerc from BNC and Jean-Sébastien Defoy from VIA Rail


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