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Datavore is an event tailored to those who have a passion for data and who always seek to learn more. A staple in Québec’s data analytics sphere, Datavore is home to learnings of all kinds. Discussions on practices, sharing of experiences, meaningful interactions and fresh perspectives: come be a part of this major gathering. Bring your ideas and your wisdom, come with your thirst for knowledge and for collaboration, and head back towards a host of new possibilities.



« I want more » is the preferred expression of all participants who wish to broaden their knowledge. It is a phrase spoken by those who wish to explore more concrete aspects of the activities in which they took part and the topics discussed during the conferences.

Datavore offers exclusive areas and privileged conversations with the speakers of each panel and every conference. These opportunities for proximity and direct contact with the speakers are intended to satisfy the appetite of those that are most eager to learn.

Expert Zone → #Iwantmore with privileged meetings

You will have the chance to meet each panelist during a group braindate immediately following the panel (max. 5 people) to carry on the conversation about their expertise and their various perspectives. These twenty minutes will be well invested into bringing your knowledge to a higher level and building your network with your fellow participants.

Motivational Lecture Zone → #Iwantmore around the campfire

Meet the speakers that grabbed your attention and ask them your questions on the topic of their presentation or on a general aspect of their profession. This activity will take place in a fun and creative space open to twenty participants per session.

Client case Zone → #Iwantmore in the networking zone

You want to learn more about the achievements shared by your peers over the course of the day? Enrich your expertise at the exhibit tour which will present demonstrations of products and processes as well as other fascinating topics. You may build upon previous discussions and ask any question that comes to mind. In the same space, meet our expert partners to discover new technological prospects.


Expert zone

Refuel through conversations with your peers!

Interactive conversations leading to lively exchanges about hot topics between expert panelists and participants. 

Magnitude and woes pertaining to the decentralization of business intelligence

Up until a short time ago, the future seemed to belong to centers of excellence in analytics, where the production of business intelligence was centralized and controlled by an elite team meant to serve the entire organization. Today, however, the field is being democratized: operations professionals are encouraged to appropriate reporting tools and to generate the business intelligence of their department on their own. Between centralization and decentralization, which model should we chose? In which context? What are the opportunities and risks related to both models? Can an optimal point of equilibrium be reached? If one would exist, what would it be? 

Do you want a bigger budget for your BI projects?

« An organization’s most precious asset is its data. » Do you agree with this statement? Then would you be willing and able to grant more funding to your business intelligence projects? There are plenty of companies that advertise their data laboratories or their initiatives in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Are investments keeping up with the goals of these organizations? What priority level does BI and analytics hold in the budget of large companies? How can you go about receiving a budget that will allow analytics to carry out their mission? What importance should be given to new initiatives (artificial intelligence, advanced analytics) as compared to traditional business intelligence? 

Advanced analytics and traditional industries: a marriage that must be consolidated?

Business intelligence and the transformation of organizations

If your company is not in the middle of a digital transformation, it won’t be long until it reaches this point: once the next transformation is behind you, another will already be right around the corner. Despite the digital aspect of these changes, does business intelligence occupy its rightful place and support the decision-making processes that will heavily impact the organization? Are BI and analytics also affected by these transformations or are they ahead of the game? How can we ensure they are given their rightful place in this context?

Business intelligence is at the heart of decision-making in organizations that manage millions of transactions per day and rely on advanced technological systems to stay competitive, for example: banks and telecommunication companies. How about businesses in more traditional fields? To which degree has predictive analysis and advanced analytics led to the growth of industrial sectors? Is it wrong to believe that traditional industries rely primarily on heavy infrastructure and invest less than others in IT and business intelligence? How can data and the latest technological advancements allow these companies to be more competitive? Where does Quebec stand with regards to the revolution 4.0?

The unauthorized use of personal information and data theft: are they one and the same?

Recent cases pertaining to the theft of personal information in Canada and the United States have led the public to realize how difficult it is to protect sensitive information when it’s in the hands of a company. The penalties imposed in certain cases are a good indication of this. But how are these events different from cases of unauthorized use of personal information on social media? Should the burden fall upon users, or on corporations the likes of Facebook and Google? Is it fair that these companies monetize our personal information without facing penalties, while a hacker would achieve the same result through different means and pay the price? How can we balance between customization of the customer experience and information protection? 


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