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Business intelligence to benefit consumers
9am – 10:10am

The world of marketing quickly understood the power of data to be increasingly precise in targeting potential buyers. In the era of mobile phones and social media, how does business intelligence continue evolving to benefit consumers? What grabs the attention of managers when they are brainstorming their next product launch? How will data management and analytics continue to influence the way in which businesses reach their consumers?

Animated by: Sarah Legendre Bilodeau – Data Scientist and Co-Founder, Videns Analytics

With the experts:
David Dadoun – Senior Director, Business Intelligence and Data Governance, DPO at The Aldo Group
Emilie Lavoie-Charland – Senior Manager Analytics and Insights at Co-operators assurance et services financiers
Hervé Mensah – Directeur analytique et science de données, La Presse
Stéphane Hamel –  Leader in digital marketing and analytics


Insource or outsource? That is the question…
10:40 am – 11:40am

Professionals in data and IT know this dilemma all too well: develop internally or call upon external resources? In the current context, what factors and business strategies influence this important decision? To what extent do budgets, available talent and timeframes have an impact on the final decision? Are there business intelligence projects that are best suited to one or the other option?

Animated by: Jean-Sébastien Charest – Directeur principal Solutions en ligne et Desjardins Digital, Mouvement Desjardins

With the expert:
Rémy Gendron – CEO and Founder of INGENO


Failures and lessons learnt
1:55pm – 2:55pm

We often think of our successes and build ourselves up as champions of artificial intelligence and analytics, but shouldn’t we also take a look at the projects that did not work out? What are the factors that lead to the project’s failure? Which factors would lead to its success? What lessons can be drawn from these setbacks? What must be part of the recipe for success, and what can happen when those elements aren’t present?

Animated by: Kathy Malas – Associate President and Chief Executive Officer – Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, CHUM

With the experts:
Alexandre Langlois – Associate, AgileDSS
Geneviève Barrette – Senior Manager, Employee Business Intelligence and Analytics, National Bank
Jean-François Morin – General Manager, IT Solutions, Hydro-Québec
Mark Kojima – BI Developer, GSoft


Understanding the evolution of careers in business intelligence
3:10pm – 4:10pm

The world of technology is rapidly evolving, and careers related to technology are following the same trend. Which information technology (IT) professions will be most popular in five or ten years? Are we already noticing the trends that are forcing certain professionals to rebrand themselves? Which skills will be most in demand for IT professionals in the future? And more broadly, how can business intelligence enable organisations to better identify these new talents that they require?

Animated by: France Dufresne – Talent and Communication Leader, Willis Towers Watson

With the experts:
Claudia Aguilar – Director, Talent Intelligence, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
Eric Nguyen – President, Quotient Social
Kamil Eladas – Technical recruiter, Hopper Inc
Olivier Blais – VP Science des données, Moov AI